W H A T D O I W E A R?

For women, we recommend bottoms only, preferably thong underwear. You may wear a top or a bikini, but please keep in mind the tan lines you will have. Men are required to wear boxers, briefs, or swim trunks.

H O W L O N G W I L L I T L A S T?

Your tan will START to fade around day 6 or 7 if you follow all of the pre & post tan guidelines.

W I L L I B E O R A N G E?

No, we do not carry orange. Our spray tan solution is a natural golden brown shade & we will determine the right DHA level for your skin type. Choosing to go darker than recommended can result in a more unnatural looking tan & more obvious fade.

I S  I T  S A F E  D U R I N G  P R E G N A N C Y?

ALWAYS consult with your OBGYN before spray tanning pregnant.  That being said, spray tans are considered safe while pregnant.

Please see "Before your Tan" & "After your Tan" for all of the steps you need to take for your tan to turn out perfect!