B.A.B.E. B.A.S.H: Bring And Bronze Everyone!

Mobile Spray Tan Parties & Group Sessions (Minimum of 5 participants required)

Are you planning a special event or simply looking for a bonding experience? Our mobile spray tan service is here to bring a sun-kissed glow to any occasion. Here's why our B.A.B.E. B.A.S.H. is perfect for:

  • Bachelorette Parties: Begin the bridal festivities with a unified, gorgeous tan. It sets a glamorous tone for the exciting celebrations ahead!

  • Wedding Parties: Ensure the entire wedding party glows uniformly. When the spotlight is on, your group will dazzle together.

  • Homecoming & Prom: Stand out and shimmer during the most memorable nights of your school year. A tan can boost confidence and make those dresses and suits pop!

  • Cheer Squads & Dance/Drill Teams: Uniformity is key in performances. A consistent tan across the team not only enhances aesthetics but also portrays a coordinated image.

  • Vacations: Start your holiday with a pre-tanned look. Why wait to hit the beach when you can arrive with a radiant glow?

  • Girls' Nights & Date Nights: Planning a fun night out? Elevate your evening look with a fresh tan. Whether it's a girls' outing or a romantic date, a sun-kissed glow never fails.

  • Family Photos: Create harmonious family portraits with an even tan for all. When everyone looks their best, those memories captured on camera become even more precious.

  • ...and more! Whether you're setting up for an upcoming special event or just because, we've got you covered.

Pricing varies depending on the number of participants and the location of the session. For a tailored quote to match your needs, please reach out to: bronzedbabesorganicspraytans@gmail.com.