Airbrush Tan Packages

Basic Babe: $45 Achieve a stunning airbrush tan tailored to complement your skin's natural hue. Please wait 8 hours post-tan to shower.

Busy Babe: $55 On a tight schedule? Opt for our rapid rinse tan that lets you shower between 2-6 hours. (Darker shades may require longer wait times).

Buddy Babes: $40-$50 per person. The saying goes: Tanned friends stick by each other! Team up with a friend and enjoy a $5 discount on individual tans. Prices per person are $30 for Simple Elegance and $40 for Quick Chic. And here's the golden deal - assemble a squad of 5 or more, and your tan is on the house!

Bundled Babe: Simple Elegance & Quick Chic Pack of 4: $160 or $180 respectively. Get 4 tans, valid for 3 months.

Membership Options:

  • Weekly Radiance: $140/month Choose between Simple Elegance or Quick Chic. Get one tan every week. A 3-month commitment, no roll-overs allowed.
  • Bi-Monthly Simplicity: $90/month Two Simple Elegance tans per month. 3 months commitment, non-transferable.
  • Bi-Monthly Quick-fix: $110/month Two Quick Chic tans every month. A commitment of 3 months, no roll-overs. Join our tanning club in-salon during your appointment.

Added Indulgences:

  • Silk Touch Powder: $5 After your tan, we'll grace you with a refined powder touch to eliminate any sticky sensation. Wish for a complete body dusting? Just top up with $5.

  • CBD Moisture Boost: $10 CBD is renowned for its multitude of health merits. Its hydration property is what makes it our favorite addition to tanning solutions. A moisturized skin ensures the longevity of your tan. We bet you'll love the results!