** Please view & sign the waiver below before arriving for your appointment.  If you would like a CBD hydrating treatment or FULL body drying powder add-ons, please let your technician know ahead of time!**

Important Note: Before arriving, ensure you've gone through and signed the waiver provided below. Should you desire the CBD hydrating treatment or the FULL body drying powder enhancements, inform your technician in advance.

Skin Prep Recommendations:

  1. Exfoliation: For an even tan, it's essential to shed dead skin cells. A day prior to your appointment, exfoliate using a loofah, exfoliation mitt, or a sugar scrub. Remember, the tan wears off with dead skin; ensure yours is fresh for the best results.

  2. Moisturize: Keep your skin hydrated in the days leading to your tan. However, avoid lotions or creams on the day of your tan. Ideally, shower and shave the day before your session. Hot showers right before tanning can alter your skin's PH levels, affecting the tan's outcome.

  3. Previous Tan Removal: If remnants of an old spray tan linger on your skin, ensure it's fully removed before your next session. Layering fresh tan over old ones isn't recommended. Typically, after about a week or so, your old tan should be easy to remove with warm water, soap, and a washcloth during a shower or bath. Towel drying post-shower can further aid exfoliation, prepping your skin for the upcoming session.

  4. Tanning Attire: For your comfort during the tanning session, you can opt to go without a top. However, if you choose to wear a bikini top, consider potential tan lines. The FDA suggests wearing bottoms, and while we don't mandate them for women, they are compulsory for men (briefs recommended).

  5. Post-Tan Outfit: Have dark and loose clothing ready for after your tanning session. Refrain from wearing a bra immediately post-tan to avoid marks or lines.

  6. Shade Selection: Seeking a shade deeper than what's advised for your skin tone may lead to a more evident fading. Trust our expertise; we'll suggest a shade that complements your skin type.

  7. Avoid Certain Treatments: It's best to avoid waxing or getting pedicures on your tanning day. If you must get a pedicure post-tan, kindly request the technician to skip scrubs or towel rubs on your legs. Also, refrain from waxing while your tan is still fresh.

Enhancements: If you're looking to add the hydrating CBD treatment to your session, it's available for an additional $10. Do let us know either when booking or before the tanning begins. Plus, get our FULL body drying powder add-on for a mere $5!

Thank you for choosing us for your tanning needs! We're here to ensure you shine in your best shade.