** Please view & sign the waiver below before arriving for your appointment.  If you would like a CBD hydrating treatment or FULL body drying powder add-ons, please let your technician know ahead of time!**

EXFOLIATE (preferably the day before your tan) using a loofa, exfoliation mitt, or sugar scrub. Spray tan comes OFF with dead skin, so make sure yours is gone when you come to get your tan.

Moisturize your skin in the days leading UP to your tan. Just have no lotions left on your skin when you arrive. Showering/shaving the day before your appointment is best! Hot showers immediately before your tan can affect the PH level in your skin, so try to plan ahead.

If you have previous spray tan left on your skin, you need to remove it. Overlapping tans is a big no-no. After about 7 days or longer, your tan should be able to come off pretty easily. Using warm water/soap in the bath or shower, your old tan can be wiped off with a wash cloth. After you exit the shower, using the dry towel on your wet skin will help remove tan too. This also exfoliates your skin as well in preparation for your next tan!

What to wear during your tan:  I recommend only bottoms for women.  You can wear a bikini top if you'd like, but keep in mind the tan lines you will have if you do.  
**Men are required to wear bottoms, I recommend briefs.**

Bring dark/loose clothing to wear after your tan, and please don't put on a bra afterwards!

If you request a darker shade than I recommend for your skin tone, you risk a more noticeable fade. I will let you know which color I predict is best for your skin.

No waxing or pedicures the day of your tan.  If you get a pedicure while you still have tan, have them skip the scrubs/towel rubbing on your legs.  Do not wax while you still have tan on.

Add ons: If you would like a hydrating CBD treatment added into your tan for $10, please let us know in your appointment request or before we spray you! We also have FULL body drying powder for only $5. Thanks!