About Bronzed Babes:
About Bronzed Babes:

Welcome to Bronzed Babes, where confidence meets elegance, and where your skin gets the royal treatment it deserves. We pride ourselves on using the purest organic ingredients, ensuring that every tan radiates a natural, flawless glow. Bid farewell to any notions of orange tinges, stickiness, or lingering odors. At Bronzed Babes, it's all about delivering perfection.

Our expert technicians prioritize your comfort and confidence. With an innate ability to assess your unique skin tone, they curate the perfect shade to accentuate your beauty. Expect your luminous tan to last up to a week, graced by our enchanting "fairy tan-mother powder" that sets, delights, and fragrantly dazzles.

In 2014, the sunless tanning industry was graced with a game-changer: Stevie Jackson. Driven by a genuine passion for sunless tanning, Stevie birthed Bronzed Babes, first captivating southern CA with her mobile service. Today, the brand's reputation shines brightly in north Dallas with two iconic locations in McKinney and Frisco. The prestigious Voyage Dallas Magazine spotlighted Bronzed Babes, while the revered Kellie Raspberry celebrated us on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show on KISS FM. Not to mention, many Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders flaunt our impeccable tans, and Mrs. Texas 2020 was crowned, beaming in her signature Bronzed Babes hue.

Dive into the unparalleled Bronzed Babes experience and secure the most mesmerizing sunless tan you've ever embraced. We promise, it's not just a tan – it's a transformative journey.

Got questions or thoughts? We're all ears! Connect with us at: bronzedbabesorganicspraytans@gmail.com.