Greetings, aspiring tan enthusiasts! Are you passionate about starting a spray tan venture but uncertain about the roadmap? I’m Stevie, the proud founder of Bronzed Babes Airbrush Spray Tans, based in the bustling heart of Frisco TX, Dallas/DFW. Our extensive services are not limited to our base; we boast mobile technicians across regions and even have a presence in Lubbock TX. Why choose Bronzed Babes, you wonder? Our esteemed clientele includes renowned personalities such as Kellie Raspberry from Kiss FM, the dazzling Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, and the illustrious Mrs. Texas, who now graces the title of Mrs. America. Our prowess in the field has been spotlighted in publications like Dallas Voyage and platforms like the Happy Tans podcast. My journey began with an online certification, evolving through hands-on industry experiences and years of self-driven learning. But you needn’t tread the path of self-discovery like I did; I’m here to fast-track your success, leveraging everything I’ve amassed since 2013 from the sunless spray tan realm, combined with expertise in marketing, SEO, and pro techniques.

What does the Bronzologist Academy offer you? 

Comprehensive Knowledge on Products: 
Dive deep into the nuances of various spray tan solutions, equipment suited for your entrepreneurial needs, the art of selecting the perfect shade for diverse skin tones, and our top picks in products and equipment. 

Professional Tips: 
Whether you're setting up a studio, offering mobile services, or starting a home studio, our training covers practical aspects including troubleshooting equipment issues. 

Skin Prep and Aftercare: 
Understand skin pre-tanning preparation, post-tanning care, and effective client communication for optimum results. 

Master the Bronzologist Technique: 
Learn how to execute a flawless spray tan tailored to all body types, solve common challenges, and add a touch of magic that leaves your clients elated. Our Frisco studio provides hands-on training with three tanning models. On-site training participants will need to provide three models. 

Post-Tan Protocols: 
Master the application of drying powders and understand post-tan client care. Mistake Prevention: Anticipate common pitfalls, whether they stem from you or your clients, and learn effective prevention strategies. 

Build a Loyal Client Base: 
Forge strong client relationships, ensuring they turn to no one but you for their tanning needs. Training Kit: Receive a comprehensive manual recapping all training aspects and an instructional video for reference. Embracing the spray tan industry was my golden choice. If you aspire to financial autonomy, flexibility, and the joy of making individuals feel radiant, then this venture is your calling! 

Join the Bronzologist tribe today and craft a future shimmering with pride and possibilities. For pricing details and more, reach out to*