Hi BABES! Interested in starting your OWN spray tan business but don't know where to start? If so, you can get the best training personally, and I can help with full training experience from start to finish! I am Stevie, owner of Bronzed Babes Airbrush Spray Tans. Bronzed Babes is located in the Frisco TX, Dallas/DFW area, however we also have many mobile technicians, multiple in-studio technicians, & a mobile technician in Lubbock TX. Bronzed Babes is proud to be the spray tan artist for Kellie Raspberry with Kiss FM, multiple Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders & Mrs. Texas, now Mrs. America. We've been featured in Dallas Voyage magazine articles, Shoutout DFW, & the viral Happy Tans podcast. I am double certified in spray tanning, trained in contour tanning, & also offer teeth whitening services within in my studio as well that will also contrast with your beautiful tan. How did I grow my business to what it is today do you ask? It wasn't easy, but I can teach you the ways to become a "Bronzologist". I wish I had someone to learn from when I started, unfortunately I had to teach myself through independent research and trial and error. all of the things I know today, took a lot of time to learn and MASTER, and I wish I could have learned them sooner. I started with nothing but an online certification & learned all that I know from hands on experience in the industry.

I have built this business from the ground up & I'm happy to announce that I am now ready to share my knowledge to help YOU do the same and become a MASTER! Since 2013 I have taken my experience in the sunless spray tan/tanning industry, marketing, SEO, & all of my best technique tips/tricks I've learned from doing multiple thousands of spray tans to create the Bronzologist Academy Certified! Bronzologist Academy is here to equip you with all you need to succeed in the sunless spray tan/tanning industry. In your training you will learn: 

All you need to know about different spray tan solutions/brands & what equipment to use that will work best for your business needs. Which solution brands we love the most & why, how to choose what type of spray tan solution you should use on your clients skin tone color, how to choose the right color, & what we recommend for products and equipment. 

- Tips on spray tanning in a studio, doing mobile service spray tans, & home studio spray tanning in (including spray tan gun jams). 

- How the skin needs to be prepared for a spray tan/tanning, & how a spray tan needs to be cared for afterwards. 

- How to prepare your client with information that is needed, before you spray tan them to achieve to best results possible on the exfoliation processes and much more. 

- How to perform the perfect spray tan, using our Bronzologist techniques and ways to make your clients look and feel special. 

- How to include covering all body types, & addressing issues that can arise & how to solve them. In our Frisco studio training you will be provided 3 spray tanning models. For on-site training you will be required to provide 3 spray training models. 

- What to do after you spray tan your client, including how to apply drying powder. 

- Common mistakes that can be made by your client AND you, & how to avoid them. 

- Tips on building a clientele that will love you so much they NEVER want to go spray tan with anyone else! 

- A take-home training manual outlining everything you were taught in our training, including our spray tan training video emailed to you. 

Starting my spray tan business was the best decision I've ever made. If you want to take control of your life financially, your schedule & your future while making people feeling gorgeous, then this is the job/business for you! Become a Bronzologist today& create a future that you will be proud of! 

*Email bronzologistacademy@gmail.com to inquire about pricing.*