At Bronzed Babes you will be sprayed with an experienced & certified spray tan technician using an airbrush gun. We have been certified since 2014 with hundreds of clients. The benefits to airbrush tanning over a spray tan booth are having an actual person making sure that you have no streaks or missed spots, & giving you a customized spray tan color for your particular skin tone/type. There are no UV rays involved. In fact, spray tanning is the healthiest way to achieve a tan without the damaging sunlight. Airbrush spray tanning is endorsed by The Skin Cancer Association, The American Cancer Association, The America Cancer Society, The American Medical Association, & The American Academy of Dermatology.


At Bronzed Babes, our solution is formulated with all natural ingredients, & with the least amount of ingredients possible. Our solution is doctor formulated, natural looking, long lasting, even fading, oil free, alcohol free, fragrance free, only made with FDA approved ingredients, Erythrulose-free, PETA approved, composed with premium grade high quality DHA, water based, fast drying, vegan, free of harsh dyes & chemicals, hypoallergenic, not tested on animals, nut free & allergen free.

Spray Tans vs. Tanning Beds: The Glow Up with Bronzed Babes Gone are the days when achieving a sun-kissed glow meant lying under the artificial lights of a tanning bed. Today, the beauty industry has given us a game-changer: spray tans. Not only is it a safer alternative, but it also offers a range of advantages over traditional tanning beds. One standout in the industry that's making waves with its impeccable spray tan services is Bronzed Babes. 

Let’s dive into the world of spray tans and discover why it's the golden standard for modern tanning. 

1. Health Benefits: Safety First! The foremost concern with tanning beds is their association with skin damage and increased risk of skin cancer due to UV radiation exposure. Spray tans, on the other hand, provide a UV-free way to achieve a bronzed look, eliminating the risk of premature aging, sunburn, and other UV-induced skin issues. By choosing spray tans, you prioritize your skin health without compromising on the aesthetic appeal. 

2. Instant Gratification: The Quick Glow Up While tanning beds might require several sessions to achieve the desired tan, spray tans offer near-instant results. Within minutes, you can walk out with a glow that looks like you've spent a week at the beach. No more waiting and multiple sessions; it's all about immediate results! 

3. Customizable Shades: Tailored to You Bronzed Babes and other top-tier spray tan providers offer customizable tanning solutions. This means you can choose the exact shade of tan you want, ensuring it looks natural and suits your skin tone perfectly. 

4. Even Application: No More Tan Lines Say goodbye to patchy tans and distinct tan lines. Spray tans provide an even application, giving you a smooth and seamless tan from head to toe. Expert technicians, like those at Bronzed Babes, ensure that every inch of your skin is flawlessly covered. 

5. The Feel-Good Factor: A Boost of Confidence There's something undeniably empowering about having a fresh tan. It's not just about the color – it's about how it makes you feel. Women often report feeling slimmer, more toned, and generally more confident after getting a spray tan. The transformation isn't just skin deep; it's a mood elevator! 

The Bronzed Babes Difference is what sets Bronzed Babes apart in the spray tan world. It's our dedication to making every woman feel like the best version of herself. Our trained professionals ensure that the tanning experience is luxurious, comfortable, and leaves clients feeling radiant both inside and out. While tanning beds had their moment, the modern woman knows that spray tans are the way to go. They're safer, faster, customizable, and they leave you feeling like a million bucks. And when it comes to choosing the best in the business, Bronzed Babes stands out as the beacon of golden perfection. So, the next time you want to feel fabulous and sun-kissed, remember: a spray tan isn’t just a treatment, it’s an experience – and one worth indulging in!